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Tolerance Homes History

15 years of impeccable work

  • 2016

    Releasing a fully updated version of Taking into account all the needs of the clients, Tolerance completely renovates the sales portal, to provide, in English, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, German, Dutch and Czech, the most complete information on real estate in Turkey.

    Also this year, we expanded the range of tourist services offered by the company under brand. The company starts organizing tours and excursions for clients' active leisure, as well as opens, in its residential complexes, a SPA-center.

  • 2015

    Developing the exclusive vacationing direction under brand. This year becomes the largest network in Turkey professionally managing luxury class apartments. To Onkel Residence complex we added 2 new projects – Melda Palace and Moonlight Residence, thus bringing the number of apartments under our control up to 170. And to make the level of service even higher and the vacationing even pleasanter, in Onkel Residence and Melda Palace complexes we opened 2 restaurants.

    Also this year, for the first time in Turkey, Tolerance launches a program of  guaranteed renting for its buyers and investors, offering a stable annual rental income, which is several times higher than the return on bank deposits.

  • 2014

    Creating brand, rental business entering a qualitatively new level. For the first time Tolerance takes over the management of a residential complex. This is Onkel Residence, one of the best residential complexes in Antalya (luxury apartments, a five star hotel infrastructure). An exclusive design project, providing for furnishing among other things, is prepared for the complex. 

    Thanks to Onkel Residence, appears a completely new line of work: Tolerance began to offer clients from around the world a unique product – vacationing in Turkey in an apartment with a five star hotel structure. 

    Given huge demand for such a service, the same year the company takes part in the largest international tourist exhibitions in Russia and receives a certificate of the registration in the Register of Russian Tourism Operators for Outbound Tourism. 

  • 2013

    Developing the construction business and starting a new construction project. In Belek, work on the design and construction of Tolerance Dream Villas exclusive villas began. The rental business in various regions of Turkey continues to develop. The company actively participates in international real estate exhibitions.

  • 2012

    Developing the rental business. Registering Tolerance trademark. Engaged in selling and renting real estate, Tolerance is rapidly developing and growing. The professional team of more than twenty employees, speaking all languages of the world, sets the standards of quality in Antalya's real estate sector. Also that year we registered the Tolerance trademark

  • 2011

    Creating a rental department. Developing the construction business. To meet the growing demand for real property renting, a professional rental department was created in Tolerance. This was the first such experience in Antalya. Active development of the rental direction began with the creation of portal – a resource that, for the first time in the market, offered a full range of real estate rental and management services in Turkey. Also that year we began work on the third construction project – Tolerance Golf Villas.

  • 2010

    Opening an office in Kemer. Given the increasing demand for real estate in Kemer, the company opened an office there and acted as the developer of a unique project – 1 + 1 apartments at the boundary of the protected zone of the region.

  • 2009

    Opening the first office abroad. In order to work at the highest level with Russian clients, Tolerance opened its first office in Moscow, in the most prestigious business district. This contributed to the fact that Tolerance became the leader in the Russian market in the Turkish real estate segment.

  • 2008

    Developing the construction business. The same year our first construction project – Tolerance Golf City – was completed and the foundation for the second one – Tolerance Golf Apartments – was laid. In Belek, Tolerance's projects became a paragon of high quality and reliability.

  • 2007

    Moving the head office to Antalya and expanding real estate development projects. The number of clients was increasing and the company was developing, so it was decided to transfer the main office to Antalya, to Konyaalty district. Also in 2007, Tolerance company, for the first time, acted as a developer of a project – a residential complex with pool and 1 + 1 apartments, which was a novelty for Antalya.

  • 2006

    First exhibitions abroad. We have participated in many international real estate exhibitions in various countries of the World. The first exhibition was held in Denmark (Copenhagen) and Russia (Moscow).

  • 2005

    Opening an office in Antalya. Demand for real estate in Antalya, especially on the part of our Russian clients, increased, and we opened an office Antalya. With its appearance began a rapid development of the company and expansion of the range of services it provides.

  • 2004

    Opening an office in Belek and the first construction project. Given the high demand of our European customers for real property in Belek, a golf tourism center not only in Turkey but also in Europe, we tackled our first construction project – a complex of villas called Tolerance Golf City. To make it more convenient to work on this project and interact with clients, we opened an office in Belek.

  • 2003

    Opening the first office.  The first office was opened in Alanya, and we began to actively sell Turkish property in this area to foreigners using our website That year was very intense - and successful. The company has attracted many clients from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany and England, as well as from Russia.

    It is worth mentioning that Tolerance became the first real estate agency in Alanya to buy and sell a transaction for a Russian citizen

  • 2002

    Founding the company and choosing a name.  CZ   At the founding of the firm, the question of choosing a name was standing before us, the firm's founders. It was really very important for us. At that time all the world leaders were talking about tolerance, and that is exactly what all people, regardless of their nationality and religion, needed then, and need now.

    Among many options, the name “Tolerance” was the closest to us, and we said in unison: "Yes, our company is to be called exactly that!" After all, if there is tolerance, there is no war, if there is tolerance, there will be leniency towards each other and mutual understanding, brotherhood and the desire to share joy! If there is tolerance, it means that the beauty and greatness of our land will be enough for everybody.

    So, Tolerance company was established...

All along this way we have never forgotten the most important thing for us – integrity and professionalism. That is why we can be proud of smiles on the faces of our clients. Are you ready to become a client of Tolerance and always smile with us?

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