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Attained Certifications

  • Selecting real estate in Turkey, you should contact only companies that are officially registered in Turkey and that have all necessary licenses and work permits. These documents are a guarantee of safety and comfort for you, and all of these Tolerance real estate agency has.

    Tolerance is not just another Internet-project with no address and responsibility for the outcome. We are a real company with offices and dozens of employees, who are willing to help you with any issue at any time! You can always drink a cup of Turkish coffee or tea at any of our offices and find support and assistance from our staff!
    Sergiy Volchenkov
     Executive Director, Tolerance Real Estate Agency

  • Tax Registration

    The document of tax registration is the main document required for the functioning of any business company or organization in Turkey.

    This document confirms that Tolerance is a Turkish taxpayer, and gives it the right to do business throughout Turkey.

  • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce for the city of Antalya

    This is a fundamental document for doing business in Turkey. It confirms that Tolerance is entered into the register of the Chamber of Commerce for the city of Antalya, and gives the company the right to conduct trading and commercial activities in Turkey in accordance with the articles of association of the company, that is, allows us to provide and receive services and sign contracts with counterparties.

  • A document of entering Tolerance into the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce for the city of Antalya

    This document certifies that Tolerance is entered into the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce for the city of Antalya, into the section of real estate agencies. This gives the company the right to do business, buy real properties and sell them to the citizens of Turkey and other countries or to legal entities, as well as provide additional services and enter into contracts with developers and other counterparties.

  • Document of doing business

    An important document which confirms that the company is currently engaged in commercial activities in Turkey. In the case of Tolerance, this document proves that it is actively functioning as a real estate agency and can quickly and professionally help with solving any – even most difficult – issues.

  • Municipal license for conducting realtor's activities

    This license, issued by the municipal district of Konyaalti, Antalya, confirms that Tolerance is officially a real estate company, and can legally conduct transactions with real estate with citizens of Turkey and other countries, as well as with legal entities.

  • The certificate of registration of Tolerance trade mark

    Tolerance is a registered trademark. Trademark registration allows us to avoid the appearance on the market of unscrupulous companies that may take advantage of someone's name and goodwill. A registered trademark guarantees that all buyers of real estate that deal with Tolerance will receive professional services of the highest quality.

    Today Tolerance is a taintless name in the Turkish real estate market; thousands of completed transactions, confirmed by the positive feedback from multiple clients from around the world. For developers and other real estate market participants, Tolerance trademark is synonymous with reliable partnership, integrity and compliance with all agreements.

  • The patent of the Turkish Patent Institute for the use of Tolerance trademark in Turkey

    The document issued by the Turkish Patent Institute establishes the company's exclusive right to use Tolerance trademark in Turkey.

    Tolerance, which has a reputation of a reliable partner in the real estate market in Turkey, is interested in protecting clients' interests from unfair market participants. Contacting Tolerance, clients are guaranteed to receive services of the highest level!

  • The certificate for the provision of real estate services of Tolerance's director general, Yildirim Ozden

    The certificate of the completion of realtors courses issued to the director general of Tolerance real estate agency, Yildirim Ozden, confirms that Yildirim Ozden is a professional realtor, and gives him the full right to carry out, for natural persons and legal entities, any transactions with real estate in Turkey.

  • The certificate for the provision of real estate services of Sergiy Volchenkov, the director of Tolerance

    The certificate of passing specialized courses for realtors in Turkey was issued to the director of Tolerance real estate agency Sergiy Volchenkov and confirms that Sergiy Volchenckov is a professional realtor who has the full right to conduct any real estate transactions in Turkey for individuals and legal entities.

  • The certificate of entering Tolerance into the register of Russian tour operators of outbound tourism

    This certificate, issued on June 23, 2014, confirms Tolerance's actual membership in the register of international tourism operators, which grants the right to form tourism products and place them in the international tourism market, including apartments and villas leasing in Turkey. For clients, this is a guarantee of compliance with contemporary safety standards when arranging vacationing in Turkey, as well as a proof of Tolerance's professionalism.

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